My Favorite Michael by Laura Heiman

This book captures the imagination of a child. Young Michael wants to be someone different than himself for the day, so he looks in his closet to find the perfect outfit. First, he dresses like his dad and goes through the activities of being a businessman. When he finds sitting in an office is exhausting, he decides to be someone else.

Next comes a knight who goes on a quest to save the princess (his sister) from the dragon (their dog). The two of them have many grand adventures together until naptime calls.

Michael still isn’t done. He wants to continue pretending to be someone else…

This book shows how children emulate what they see around them in everyday situations (such as what their parents do) and what they hear in books and see on TV.

The mother in this story encourages Michael’s imagination, and she plays along with each person he emulates. She takes part in the helping his imagination flourish. Children and adults will enjoy reading this story together.


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